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Kaemark is located in Giddings, TX, a small farming and ranching town comprised of 4,500 people; a community with old fashion values, and a strong work ethic. The average tenure of a Kaemark artisan employed by Kaemark is now 25+ years. Since the purchase by the Owen's in 2000 employment has nearly tripled with minimal turnover. Result? Each quality chair and cabinet you purchase benefits from over 100 years of hands-on craftsmanship by artisans who care.Kaemark utilizes the finest quality of materials... high-grade industrial strength cabinetry materials, such as piano hinges and steel drawer glides. Our chairs are made of 7-ply board where most manufacturers use 5-ply, high-density foam and the heaviest steel gauge base for guaranteeing years of comfort and un-matched durability.

Our Kaemark professionals take great pride in the quality design and outstanding craftsmanship found produced in each piece of equipment. To become emotionalized by the best-valued, not least expensive, salon furnishings click here for the Kaemark Distributor showroom closest to you.

What makes Kaemark Equipment Industrial Grade:

  • Using Fir vs. Pine Particle Board
    • Only Kaemark uses Oregon fir industrial-grade particle board instead of lower density materials like pine. The Benefit: Avoid "splitting" - a common problem found among furniture made of low density particle board.
  • Triple Joint Security
    • Only Kaemark glues, staples & screws together cabinet joints. The Benefit: Our unique "Triple Joint Security" technique increases a cabinet's life!
  • Fortified Seat Bucket & High Seat Foam Density
    • Only Kaemark uses 7 complete layers of wood for each seat bucket vs. the standard 3-5 layers of wood. Keamark seat foam is twice as dense as the industry standard. The Benefits: A 60% stronger seat bucket helps preserve the seat's shape and ensures that the T-nuts, used to anchor the seat's back and arms, never rip out. Extra dense foam prevents our chairs form developing worn-out, permanent indentations in the seat.
  • Protective Plastic Film
    • Only Kaemark secures a clear, protective plastic sheet of film between the upholstery and foam of each seat. The Benefit: The film helps maintain a smooth, taut surface by preventing the upholstery from catching on the foam.
  • Back Covers on Chairs
    • Only Kaemark includes back covers on their chairs. The Benefit: Chair back covers prevent damageduring shipping and protects upholstery from stains.
  • Extra Width
    • Kaemark has 21"-23" inside width vs. industry norm of 18"-19" inside width. The Benefit: Extra width in the chairs provide a more comfortable experience for the clients.
  • 6" Cast Iron Seat plate & Extra Upholstery Staples
    • Only Kaemark uses a 6" cast iron seat plate vs. 4" aluminum seat plate. Kaemark also uses 5-10 times more staples on chairs than the industry standard. The Benefit: The plate ensures sufficient strength for heavier clients. Extra staples prevent the upholstery from ripping and unraveling overtime even after years of repeated use.
  • 10 Gauge Powder-Coated Base plates
    • Only Kaemark uses fan extra 10-gauge steel base plate vs. a typical 13-gauge steel. The Benefit: 10-gauge steel extends the chair's life and prevents it from tilting forward. The powder-coated steel vs. baked on enamel maintains that fresh look of new chairs.
  • UPC Listed
    • UPC stands for Uniform Plumbing Code which is administered by the International Association of Plumbing and mechanical Officials since 1926. The Benefit: Just how important is it that your salon equipment by UPC listed? In most cities in the USA, a Certification of Occupancy is unobtainable without being UPC listed. Ask your local licensed plumber.
  • Edge Protectors to Wet Stations
    • Only Kaemark applies unique edge protectors on all wet stations to guard against water damage. The Benefit: Water can easily collect and seep int the wood of your shampoo equipment causing warping and rotting. Kaemark's edge protectors prevent needless damage.
  • Reinforcing Cabinet Doors
    • Only Kaemark uses continuous piano hinges to reinforce cabinet doors. Why? Stylists open and close their stations' doors over 12 times more frequently than in a residence. The Benefit: Prevent unsightly sagging cabinet doors.
  • High Pressure Gluing Process
    • Only Kaemark uses a high pressure gluing process for laminates on all cabinetry. The Benefit: This gluing process ensures bonds that last a lifetime vs. 4-5 years.
  • UL Listed
    • The UL Mark stands for Underwriters Laboratories Inc., a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that was formed in 1894 to help reduce injury, loss of life and property damage. The Benefit: Kaemark is proud to have all of their items UL listed. This assures the consumer that all local electrical specs are met, therefore saving time and confusion when it comes to having your electrical inspection done before opening.
  • Vented Curling Irons
    • Only Kaemark uses vented curling and flat iron holders. The Benefit: These holders will increase the iron's lifespan by 4-5 times.
*Not all equipment utilizes each quality step listed. It depends on the exact product and intended use.

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