Reflections Tilt Bowl Backwash Unit w/bowl

Reflections Tilt Bowl Backwash Unit w/bowl

Brand: kaemark

Part Number: RP-70-B


Designed to shampoo from behind bowl, to be used w/any Kaemark shampoo chair.  If you've got the room to wash from behind your cabinet, the RP-70-B provides the most comfortable solution on the market for both you and your client. Includes #903 tilting bowl and mechanism for maximum comfort while minimizing spillage. Plumbing meets all UPC Codes.  All interior and exterior high pressure laminate. Interior always white.
Kaemark Features & Benefits
ALL Kaemark Products are Proudly Made in the USA and with the highest standard of materials guaranteeing years of comfort and unmatched durability.
- Fir industrial board ensures no splitting when handling as opposed to a soft industrial board, such as pine.
- Kaemark applies unique edge protectors on wet stations to guard against water damage.
- High industrial strength materials used on all units to ensure longevity of use.
- High foam density and thickness prevents "bottoming out", plus unique plastic film between foam and upholstery eliminates drag and enables foam to rebound faster.
- Upgraded 7-ply board when most other manufactures use 5-ply.
- All chairs meet California TB117 Fire Retardant Standards.

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