Product Warranties

Limited Warranties

All Kaemark products are warranted for a period of one year from the date of sale from Kaemark to the distributor except the following:

  • Hydraulic pumps carry a limited warranty of:
    • 7-years for the Sophia, Giselle, Matisse & Eloquence
    • 5-years for the Monet, Monaco, Volante, Westfall
    • 3-years for the A La Carte & Brio.
  • Reclining back mechanisms carry a limited warranty of:
    • 5-years for all Kaemark lines but A La Carte & Brio
    • 3-years for A La Carte & Brio
  • Dryer motors and hoods are warranted for one year except when failure is due to NOT changing the dryer filter every 4-6 months.
  • WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER damage caused by water, fire, discoloration, fading, staining of vinyls or laminates. Also, warranty is not covered where there is evidence of improper plumbing or installation, mishandling, abuse or misuse of equipment.
  • The Kaemark 3/4" Kurative™ anti-fatigue mats are warranted for 5 years by the original manufacturer from the original date of purchase by the original purchaser against:
    • "Wear-through" of top elastomeric surface.
    • Separation of elastomeric skin from foam core, from normal use, as outlined in our product literature.
  • Any warranties offered by Kaemark's suppliers and not mentioned above are not covered by Kaemark's warranty.

Only defective parts will be replaced. Labor costs are not covered. All defective merchandise must be returned to Kaemark to receive warranty credit; otherwise, warranty invoices must be paid. All freight costs on warranty issues that occur within 45 days of purchase will be the responsibility of Kaemark in both directions. After 45 days of purchase, the buyer is responsible for the freight to return the defective products to Kaemark for the remainder of the first year. After the first year, buyers are responsible for all freight (both to and from). Warranty applies only to original purchaser and is not transferable.

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