Paris Nail Dryer Table

Paris Nail Dryer Table

Part Number: GS - Paris Nail Dryer Table


Paris Nail Dryer Table from Gulfstream conveniently housed fans with spacious leg room to allow for maximum comfort; and frees up your manicure stations for the next clients. It is cool and safe to touch because of low voltage operation. Available in customized options. Paris Nail Dryer Table comes without hand and leg area fans. A built-in, eight fan set is an additional cost. Prices reflect discount when purchased with a Gulfstream manicure station/nail table. If you have any questions about this product, product information or orders, or if you need product dimensions, please contact us. Custom laminate is available upon request. Additional charges apply. Please contact Gulfstream for details.
Due to photographic and scanning/printing processes, all displayed colors shown may vary slightly from the actual color of the items. Due to our continuing efforts to develop new and improved products may cause any and all specifications to change without notice.

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