Maletti Tulipa Salon Chair

Maletti Tulipa Salon Chair

Brand: Maletti

Part Number: KM-ML-3413861


Since 1936 Maletti has been a by-word for design, innovation, technology and, above all, passion. A passion which has led Maletti to hold the unchallenged global leadership in furniture for hairdressing salons, a jewel in the crown of Italian production around the world.

The Maletti Tulipa isn't just your average salon chair, she is our free spirit, flower child of the group who loves the fact that she doesn't look like just an ordinary salon chair. Tulipa is a beautiful round modern salon chair, resembling the bulb of a Tulip flower hence the name. Her best friend is Maletti Kelly Salon Chair who is a more squared off version of Tulipa. If you are a free spirit and want your salon to resemble as such, then Tulipa is certainly the girl for you!

  • Specifications
  • Length (inches): 26 inches W x 24 inches L 19 inch seat back Stylish and affordable Chrome details 2 year warranty included Quality upholstery U.S quality control
  • Depth (inches): service new-arrival warranty inspected

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