Maletti Globe Salon Chair

Maletti Globe Salon Chair

Brand: Maletti

Part Number: KM-ML-3286008


Since 1936 Maletti has been a by-word for design, innovation, technology and, above all, passion. A passion which has led Maletti to hold the unchallenged global leadership in furniture for hairdressing salons, a jewel in the crown of Italian production around the world.

The Maletti Globe Salon Chair is not just your average salon styling chair. The chrome arms on The Maletti Globe makes it a sleek stylish chair that anyone can't resist! The Maletti Globe Salon Chair is simplistic yet still very stylish and durable with its high-end vinyl and chrome arms and base. This styling chair is so versatile you can basically pair it with any of our salon styling stations and will fit perfectly in your salon to achieve the salon look of your dreams!
  • Specifications
  • Length (inches): 23.95 inches W x 26.4 inches L 18.74 inch back height 19.96 inch seat depth Stylish and affordable Chrome details 2 year warranty included Quality upholstery U.S quality control
  • Depth (inches): service new-arrival warranty inspected

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