Kaemark Salon Furnishings 2019 Marketing Resolutions

Posted on 1/10/2019

It’s the start of a new year, a new beginning, and for us at Kaemark, this marks the start of a social media take-over. No, we are not going to break the internet, but we are going to connect with our followers, fans and consumers on a more personal level. Have no doubt that we are going to have fun while doing so! As a matter of fact, some of our team members got together to show how we are continuing to celebrate 2019.

What is going to be different on our social media than years past? Let’s just say our social posts are going to be inspired by you, your salon, and your stylist. Our team designed a 2019 Social Media Resolutions, and here is what we are going to throw at you:

Your Showroom. Are you aware that Kaemark built one of the largest salon equipment showrooms in the United States? Well we did, and we want to keep you up to date on new products we install on the Showroom floor. Not to mention, socially showcasing our clients that participated in our Fly and Buy program.

Social Share @ Kaemark. Here at Kaemark, we understand the importance of digital marketing! Whether you are renovating or building your new salon, we are going to share your before and after images on our social sites. More importantly, we want to tag your salon on our social platforms and blog. Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about free online exposure and backlinks directly to your website and social sites. Just email us your images, videos and guest blogs about your salon to socialshare@kaemark.com or submit your content here.

Your Team. Our company is bursting at the seams with talent. From our industry leading designers to our dedicated carpenters, Kaemark has so many trades and we want to share them all with you. It’s important for us to share with you the men and women that hand craft your American-Made salon equipment.

Let’s be honest, our goals cannot be met without the content from you. When we post on our social sites, we ask that you like, comment, and share the content to maximize our efforts.  

If our video didn’t give away how excited we are about the new year, we hope our marketing resolutions did. Together, we have the ability to transform your digital exposure, and we are excited to partner with you and your salon in doing so.

From all of us at Kaemark, Happy 2019!

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