Financing Information

Reasons to Finance
(Versus bank financing or cash)

Preserve your cash for other income producing investments.

100% Financing Coverage

Allows you to finance 100% of the cost of equipment including sales tax, license fees, freight, training & software.

Low Down Payment

Requires minimal down-payments or deposits vs. traditional financing that requires 10-20% down.

Ease & Convenience

Applying for financing is easy and convenient. For equipment under $75,000, just fill out a one-page application. Often, a decision can be made within hours. Apply by calling 1-877-800-2-OWN. In most cases, banks will require customers to submit corporate tax returns to qualify for financing. In fact, the majority of small businesses do not qualify for bank financing because they fail to show appropriate profits.

Tax Advantages

Leasing provides great tax benefits, more so than conventional financing. Depending on how you structure your transaction, you may have the ability to fully expense your lease payment. Please consult your tax accountant on the tax benefits leasing can provide you.

Less Risk

With leasing, the only collateral pledged is your equipment. No need for personal collateral (home, car, business, etc.) to be pledged. Banks will often place blanket liens against your business. With leasing the equipment is your only asset pledged.

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