Ellipse Desk System - Configuration "E"

Ellipse Desk System - Configuration "E"

Brand: kaemark

Part Number: EP-40-E


Kaemark Salon Furnishings understands how important FIRST IMPRESSIONS are to draw in clientele. The Ellipse desk system is perfect at drawing plenty of attention to itself, establishing an impressive entry with its sweeping curved figure. Let Kaemark help make a lasting FIRST IMPRESSION in your salon.
Includes: Two EP-40-90s and 1 EP-40-42 with 2 End Panels.  EP-40-42 is mounted on right of two EP-40-90s.  EP-40-90s have interchangeable locking cash drawer and locking utility drawer and a cord grommet in each.
Kaemark Features & Benefits
ALL Kaemark Products are Proudly Made in the USA and with the highest standard of materials guaranteeing years of comfort and unmatched durability.
- Fir industrial board ensures no splitting when handling as opposed to a soft industrial board, such as pine.
- Kaemark applies unique edge protectors on wet stations to guard against water damage.
- High industrial strength materials used on all units to ensure longevity of use.

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