Accelerator X

Accelerator X

Part Number: EL-RB-150


The Savvy Galaxy Color Processor is a quality processor at an affordable price.  Rotating processors not only look more modern but are also a more effective method of drying or processing treatments to the hair.  The Galaxy evenly applies radiant heat through a 360 degree rotation or can be tailored to different zones if needed.  5 Preset options are available or a manual mode may be utilized to adjust heat and duration.  A fan for the neckline can also be utilized for heat or cooling as needed.


Specific Features

  • 5 pre-set options for time and temperature depending on service.
  • Adjustable stand on casters offering service heights from 36-46 inches.
  • 360 degree rotary motion or stationary modes for specific services.
  • Fan for the neckline to keep customer cool or add to the heating process.
  • 110 Volts, 1200 Watts, 12 Amps (Tim needs to verify these)

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